[World News] Wikileaks Exposes Russia’s Mass Surveillance & Proves Julian Assange Isn’t a “Russian Agent”

September 25, 2017

In this clip from our show 'Believe', we discuss “World News.“

“Wikileaks Exposes Russia's Mass Surveillance & Proves Julian Assange Isn't a ‘Russian Agent’”

• Wikileaks has just published numerous documents under the heading “Spy Files Russia.” The documents suggest that Moscow uses a sophisticated state surveillance system to spy on Russian internet and cellphone users.

• Ironically, this release comes after many claims made by the public and mainstream media that Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange are influenced or controlled by Russia, as the organization has previously focused mostly on exposing U.S. secrets.

• It’s important to note that the Wikileaks documents do not actually refer to Russia’s spy agency, the FSB, whatsoever, but instead only reference “state agencies.” This could mean that law enforcement simply uses the data for legal purposes, but the documents also fail to mention what other state agencies use the data. 

• A lot of the claims made about Wikileaks having ties to Russia were part of the DNC/mainstream media effort to convince the public that Russia hacked the U.S. election. However, an FBI whistleblower specifically stated that it was former DNC employee Seth Rich, who was murdered, who allegedly leaked the documents to Wikileaks. 

Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch & Claudia Suarez

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