[Health & Wellness] Is The Corporate Monsanto-Bayer Complex Trying To Take Over The Cannabis Industry?

September 19, 2017

In this clip from our show 'Believe', we help you with "Health & Wellness”.

"Is The Corporate Monsanto Bayer Complex Trying To Take Over The Cannabis Industry?"

• Last September, Bayer bought out Monsanto for $66 billion, and it seems they now have their eyes on the next big industry of this time: Cannabis.

• It's possible they already have ties in the Cannabis industry, with business partnerships to companies like Miracle-Gro.

• Very little is still known about Monsanto's plans for the Cannabis industry, so keep your eyes and ears open for their next move. Ask yourself: would I support the company that creates GMOs to be fair, natural and organic when producing medical cannabis?

Hosted By: Vanessa Jacob

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