[*Full Episode*] Believe - Complete Show - Oct. 3rd, 2017

October 3, 2017

In this Episode:

1) [World News] Is There Anything Good We Can Find From the Las Vegas Shooting Footage?

2) [Our Universe] Elon Musk Says We Could Travel "Anywhere on Earth in Under 1 Hour" By Rocket

3) [World News] Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Says We Are Now Pursuing Peace With North Korea.. Is It True?

4) [World News] Catalonia Independence Vote Stalled by Police Beatings & State Interference in Spain - Let Them Vote!

5) [Our Universe] Nikola Tesla's Friend Guglielmo Marconi Built a Secret City in Venezuela & Took a Trip to Mars with "Free Energy" Spaceships?

6) [True Success] World's Poorest President, Jose Mujica of Uruguay, Shares His Wisdom with Us

Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch & Natalia M.

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