[*Full Episode*] Believe - Complete Show - Aug. 19th, 2017

August 19, 2017

In this Episode:

#1) [True Success] President Obama Made America Cool With His Calm And Collected Style. Learn How To Not Be Offended, But Witty And Sophisticated Instead!

#2) [Money & Business] How To Be More Likable, Have Fun and Make More Money Like The World's Most Inspirational Entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson

#3) [Health & Wellness] 440Hz Vs. 432Hz and How Mistuned Music Has Been Silently Influencing Us

#4) [World News] Google and YouTube Are Filtering Out "Conspiracy Theories.” Here Are The Pros & Cons and How It Affects You

#5) [Our Universe] The Mandela Effect: Merging Timelines and Ancient Aliens

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